Matching tool sets of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Oil Concentrates Dab Tool Matching Sets

Oil Dabber Tool Sets

Wildfire Wand Oil Dabber Tool Sets are available in your choice of tubular peyote stitch design pattern and your choice of over 15 color combinations.

Dabber clip Poker
Wildfire Wand 3 Piece Toolkit

Purple gold oil dabber





Matching Oil Dabber Sets-2 piece

Wildfire Wand oil dabbers are available in matching 2 piece sets

2 Piece Wand Clip Combo
Dab Clip Combo 2 piece Set


2 Piece Keychain Wand with Clip Set
Oil Dabber Wand 2 piece Key Chain Sets
Oil Dabber Key Chain Poker 2 piece Set

Matching Oil Dabber Sets-3 piece

Oil dabber tool set- 3 Piece Key Chain
Keychain Wand 3 piece Set-matching tool kit
Oil Dabber Wand 3 piece Set
Matching sets of 3 oil dabbers

Matching Oil Dabber Sets-4 piece

Four piece Wildfire Wand oil dabber tool kits can include a 3 Piece Oil Dabber Wand kit with an additional Wildfire Double Dabber or Double Dabber Poker Combo, or a Dab Clip Combo oil dabber

4 Piece Set
Wildfire Double Dabber Tool Set with Dab Clip Combo oil dabber
Matching Oil Dabber Sets-5 piece

All 5 Piece Wildfire Wand oil dabber tool kits include the 3 Piece Oil Dabber Wand tool set, and a Wildfire Double Dabber Poker Combo with and a Dab Clip Combo

5 rasta
Dab Clip Combo Matching 5 piece Set
oil concentrate dabber tool set native american beaded peyote stitch matching wax dab kit r black banded desg pattern
Red and Black
Banded Design Pattern


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