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Wildfire Wand Tools

Oil Dab Tools & Sets

Wildfire Wand tools are tubular peyote stitch beaded oil dab wands and tools that are uniquely handmade and designed.

Matching Peyote Stitch Dabber Set Rasta color
Rasta Reggae Matching Oil Dab Set
Peyote Stitch Beaded Oil Dabber Tool Kit Keychain 3 set
Matching Key Chain Oil Dab Sets
Peyote Stitch Beaded Keychain Dab Wand & Double Dabber Pink
Girly Gifts-Dab Wands and Sets

Beaded Peyote Stitch

honey oil dabber tools dab clip combo rig
Oil Dab Clip Combo Tools

All Wildfire Wand peyote stitch oil dab tools are handmade with love and are one of a kind.

Tubular Peyote Stitch is created by stringing one bead at a time.

As each bead is strung a positive thought accompanies each bead.

The result is dozens of positive intentions connected in union.

Each beaded peyote stitch beaded oil dab is unique in this way.

Personalized Colors and Pattern Choices

Wildfire Wand dab tools are available in a variety of color combinations and geometric and traditional patterns and freestyle design choices to match your style. Personalize your dab tool with unique colors to accent your heady collection. Chose a pattern that is unique to you.

A Variety of Color and Pattern Choices
Oil Double Dabber-peyote stitch beaded dab tool Cobalt Owl Eye Design
Wildfire Double Dab Wand


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  2. 42 Degrees in Medford has an awesome huge selection of tools, so Im stoked you chose a Wildfire Wand. Thanks so much for your purchase, send me an email and ill send you a preferred customer coupon code for any web purchases you may be interested in for the holidays. Enjoy!!

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