Handmade Beaded Zipper Pull
Brown spiral design pattern zipper pull native american beaded peyote stitchHandmade beaded tubular peyote stitch zipper pull charm with custom design pattern choices green Wave BlueBeaded peyote stitch zipper pull verdeBeaded peyote stitch zipper pull 3 setZipper Pull Fob with seed bead weave tubular peyote stitch orange wildfire honeycom design patternNative American Beaded peyote stitch zipper pull brown bandedBeaded peyote stitch zipper pull 3 setBeaded peyote stitch zipper pull wave blueNative American Beaded peyote stitch zipper pull 3 setzipper pull fobs on laptop case with seed beaded tubular peyote stitch weave design patternsHandmade Beaded Zipper Pull

Peyote Stitch Beaded Zipper Pull (Color & Design Choices) Single Charm


Handmade beaded Zipper Pull


Product Description

Personalized Handmade Zipper Pull

Handmade Beaded Zipper Pull
Handmade Beaded Zipper Pull
Color and Design Choices

All peyote wildfire tubular peyote stitch beaded zipper pull charms and matching sets are handmade with love and are one of a kind.

Peyote Stitch Zipper Pull
Zipper Pull Flare for your Fleece!

These handcrafted peyote stitch zipper pull fobs are a colorful expression of yourself to decorate otherwise drab looking briefcases, laptop bags, handbags, purses, clutch purses, backpacks, sweatshirts, jackets, and cell phones.

Tubular Peyote Stitch Beadwork

Peyote zipper pull blue wave design pattern
Booty Bling!! Wave Blue Peyote Stitch Zipper Pulls

Tubular Peyote Stitch is a traditional native bead weave that is created by stringing one bead at a time.

It is an off loom freehand seed bead weaving method that forms a tube or rope shape as the beads are strung.

Tubular peyote stitch is also known as gourd stitch because it is traditionally used to wrap dried gourd rattles for Native American gourd dancing ceremonies and peyote cactus medicine ceremonies.

Unique Color Designs and Patterns

Brown spiral design pattern zipper pull beaded peyote stitch
Beaded Zipper Fob -Mushroom Brown
Spiral Design Pattern

Different colors, shades of color, color combinations, designs, and patterns can stimulate the senses differently.

All Peyote Wildfire zipper pull charms and matching sets have color combinations and design patterns that are natural and unique, blending tradition with modern styles and a shade of psychedelic.


peyote stitch zipper pull moss green zig zag design pattern
Handmade seed beaded Zipper Pull Fob

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 x .25 x .25 in
Color Choices

4 Directions, Black Gold White, Blue and Brown, Blue Mountain River, Cloud Blue, Cobalt Blue, Fireblaze Orange, Green Sunshine, Lemon Blue, Lemon Purple, Marine Green, Moss Green, Mushroom Brown, Rasta Reggae, Red, Black, White, Southwest Sunrise, Southwest Sunset, Wave Blue, Wildfire Orange

Design Pattern Choices

Banded, Double Helix, Fruit of Life, Honeycomb, Lightning, Spiral Helix


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