Ink pen wrapped in Native American Peyote Stitch

About Peyote Stitch

Native American Peyote Stitch Beading

It’s a Tradition!

The Peyote Stitch is an ancient traditional Native American tribal bead craft used primarily for decorating ceremonial and medicinal tools. The stitch holds significant esteem due to its spiritual nature for specific reasons. While constructing the peyote stitch, the beads are strung one at a time while a positive thought or intention accompanies each bead. As the beads are strung a tube shape is formed in an infinite spiral in which each bead touches the next, connecting all the thoughts in a powerful and medicinal way. The result is dozens of intentions connected in momentum blessing the receivers of the peyote stitch. Each stitch is unique in this way.

Peyote Cactus  (Lophophora williamsii)

It’s not about the cactus. Although some folks have been known to get a bit goofy while staring at the beadwork stitches that are known for their bright colors and dynamic patterns which are reminiscent of the hallucinations one receives after a run in with the plant. Yup! We’re actually doing something our elders and ancestors would be proud of.


Peyote Wildfire’s peyote medicine maker is a direct descendant of the Native American Huron Tribe and relative of the Seneca and Abenackie Tribes

Checkout my cousin Chief Looking Glass’ museum he donated. It is the largest collection of Native American artifacts in New England. Checkout the Looking Glass Museum at the  Clan of the webpage

Peyote Wildfire products are made with love in a barn in the Pacific Northwest near Olympia, Washington.

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